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How to lubricate skateboard bearings

Skateboarding is a competitive sport based on balance and speed, and entails risks especially when the board is not in perfect conditions.Skaters must look after the four parts that make up a board: deck, trucks, wheels and bearings.The deck is the wooden part and must be constantly inspected because it is subject to continuous trauma and pressures. Another part to be seriously examined are the so-called bearings: one must always check that they don’t seize up or are noisy, in which case one needs to take action.

What to do? Let’s remove the wheels, take out the bearings, clean them with a rag then spray them with Svitol Sport, which lubricates and removes friction.Make sure the bearing slides with no seizing, and if it still does not work smoothly repeat the operation and lubricate the skateboard bearings until they run flawlessly!

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