For work and maintenance

To protect car window and door seals

Use Svitol Technik Silikon to soften the seals of car windows and doors, protect them from frost and make them last longer.
Svitol Silikon is a waterproofing silicone lubricant spray.
Spray it with a cloth and then apply it on seals avoiding the glass.
Do you know that car doors stick in winter? Stop sticking with Svitol Silikon and make the seals last longer.
Creaking from the back of your car is often caused by window seals. Svitol SIlikon solves this, too. Wind the windows down, clean the seals removing all dust, apply Svitol Silikon and wipe off the product in excess with a cloth.
To protect seals of doors and windows, Svitol is always handy!

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