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Camping van maintenance before setting off

Spring and the first heatwaves bring back the travel bug! Many campers mothball their mobile home in winter, then put it back in use in the warmer seasons and start clocking up the miles. After a long winter and a period of inactivity it is important to perform some maintenance, in addition to the customary checks to avert nasty surprises once you hit the road. Indeed because, as the Chinese saying goes
Do not fear proceeding slowly, only fear immobility.
Let’s look at some rules for avoiding nasty surprises and travelling with more peace of mind, but do seek a trusted mechanic or shop for the most complex parts that you don’t feel fit to tackle. Let’s check the tyres of the camping van to ensure they are in good conditions and have the right pressure. It is usually recommended to replace the camping van tyres every 4–6 years max. Let’s make sure the electrical contacts of our mobile home are operable: otherwise we can restore them with Svitol Electric, an important travel companion for campers. As with your car, let’s check the engine, the oil, the brakes and the windscreen liquid. Let’s check the battery of the camping van. Let’s lubricate the locks of the camping van with Svitol Locks, the and all the hinges, including the internal ones, with Svitol Home (especially if you are going to the seaside, salt gets everywhere); let’s condition the gaskets with Svitol Silikon. If there is a porthole with fan, let’s clean it carefully: poor maintenance and faulty sealing often cause possible water leaks. The doors, cabinets and windows of the camping van must be able to open and close properly. Thanks to Easy Silikon the gaskets will keep as soft as new and efficient for longer.

Let’s use Svitol lubricant to clean the window brackets of the camping van. Let’s ensure the registration papers are valid. Let’s check the drain valves, water tanks and plumbing. It is extremely important to ensure the gas system -cylinder and pipes- work perfectly, as do the appliances.Bon voyage!

At the end of summer, what to do before storing the camping van.
But that’s not all. At the end of summer, before putting the camping van in storage, it is just as important to ensure that it is always spick and span and perfectly efficient. Let’s perform some operations then, in which Svitol is an irreplaceable ally of campers.
Lubricate handles and hinges of the hatches to protect them from freezing with Svitol Easy Locks. Lubricate hinges with Svitol Easy Home. Lubricate all rubber gaskets of the camping van (doors, windows, portholes and lockers) with Svitol Easy Silikon. Remove the water left in the mechanisms after washing the camping van and remove rust with Svitol Lubricant.

Caution: Svitol only removes rust if the layer is extremely thin. Clean the parking outriggers and ensure they are greased with Svitol Easy Silikon. Use Svitol lubricant to remove traces of tar, diesel fuel and bitumen. Remove bumper/paint marks on the bodywork due to impact.