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To loosen up rolling blinds and rolling blinds straps and make them run smoothly

To prevent rolling blinds from creaking or sticking, the key is to lubricate the guides, the upper roller, the bearings and the strap winding pulley regularly.
We recommend using Svitol Locks at the beginning of winter: it lubricates, cleans and protects from rust.

How to oil rolling blind guides
Sliding may be made difficult by dirt in the guides and poor lubrication. Wind up the rolling blinds completely. Spray Svitol into the guides and let it work for a few minutes. Carefully wipe the guides with a cloth. The guides are now clean. Spray Svitol again to lubricate them.

How to oil the upper roller
The winding roller consists of several parts which need to be lubricated correctly. Wind the rolling blinds down completely. Remove the panel and open the roller box. Now, liberally lubricate the bearings on the ends of the roller.  The bearings may be hard to reach, according to the model, but with the Svitol straw you will be able to lubricate them with ease.
The second area to focus on is the side pulley, which is constantly in contact with the end part of the slats. Spray, let it work, clean and lubricate in the same manner as for the guides. This will reduce friction, eliminate noises and prevent slat breakage, and consequently avoid the need for costly replacements.

How to oil parts in contact with the strap
Cylinders and parts controlling the sliding of the strap must be periodically lubricated: spray Svitol to make the strap run without excessive friction and consequently without wearing out.
For smooth rolling blind operation, Svitol is always handy!

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