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To waterproof the PVC soft top of your car

If you have a convertible with PVC soft top, then Svitol Technik Silikon is the right product for you.
Firstly, clean the soft top with mild soap to prevent drying the rubber: rub a hard bristle brush in circles to remove dirt from the fibres more efficiently.
Then rinse carefully and let the top dry. Check that there are no stains and that no soap has been left behind.
At this point, you can use Svitol Silikon to protect and waterproof the soft top. Spray evenly from a distance of at least 30 cm without using the straw. Spray evenly to prevent forming stripes.
For complete soft top maintenance, use Svitol to lubricate the guides for smooth opening and closing.
For maintaining your convertible with vulcanised rubber soft top, Svitol is always handy!

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