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To stop squeaking and creaking of fans and ceiling fans

A creaking fan is sometimes even more annoying that heat.
Long inactivity during winter, dirt and dust are the main causes of squeaking and creaking for all types of fans.
Usually, spraying Svitol Casa will solve the problem.
Disconnect power, remove the protection or guard covering the fan, if any, loosen fastening rings and remove the fan. In this way you can access the motor shaft and bearings which are the parts needing to be lubricated.
Use a compressor or compressed air can, if you have one, to remove dirt and dust, otherwise use a clean cloth. Then spray Svitol Casa without concern: it is safe on all materials and does not foul.
With Svitol Casa, you will restore the correct lubrication of shafts and bearings, eliminate noise and protect components from dust and dirt.
For all types of fans, Svitol is always handy!

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